Hey! Is That Kylie Jenner, or a Very Glam Batgirl

Hey! Is That Kylie Jenner, or a Very Glam Batgirl
Kylie Jenner illustrated the power of the all-over look today in Paris. The beauty chose a body-hugging dress at the spring 23 show of Acne Studios. The dress feels like a modern take on ’70s disco glamor with dramatic winged sleeves, à la Donna Summer. Jenner completed the slightly sizzling look with some alien-style sunglasses. The outfit reads: “Batgirl at the Studio 54 party.” Wonderful.
Jenner has long had a relationship with Acne Studios. Last year, she fell in love with the texture when she wore a matte bucket hat, fur boots and a glossy leather jacket from Acne’s fall 2021 collection.
Obviously the cover-up is the new expression, at least in the Kardashian-Jenner world. Kylie’s older sister, Kim, has developed a notable tendency to wear Balenciaga head-to-toe dresses. One standout moment was the navy blue dress Kim wore to the post-Oscars party earlier this year and then, again, to a Balenciaga ad campaign.
One wonders if Jenner will continue this kind of fun and vibe anymore. (Not long ago, she wore a covered Comme Des Garçon suit. Another look ready for the DC Universe.) Either way, it’s great to see Jenner having fun with her fashion right now. now. As we all should.

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